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Practice Principles 2

When Wellways needed some animated films to demonstrate how their practice principles are actioned with the clients they serve, Lifebuoy Video saw an opportunity to produce something uniquely different to the standard, explainer style animation. Wellways Practice Principles are about embracing values such as respect, inclusion, connection and reflection in everyday actions. All Wellways staff practice these principles in the work they do with their clients, many of whom have a mental health issue or a disability. Wellways presented us with actual stories from staff about occasions when practice  principles were played out successfully. We decided to script, and then record these real life stories with professional actors and then design a traditional, tangible style of animation that honoured the values and principles behind the actions played out by the central characters. Animation development can be a solitary exercise but we kept our clients informed right through the production, providing updates on progress, voice-over examples, scripts, storyboards and animatics, (short, animated scenes using rough sketches). To their credit, Wellways trusted us from start to finish and we’re thrilled with the end products.

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