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Hello Sunday Morning & The Tasmanian Government

When Hello Sunday Morning asked us to develop a short video that targeted 30–60 year old women who drank more than the healthy average, we developed a script that reflected the subtle impacts from a consistent drinking pattern rather than the celebratory binge. The 3 minute script profiles a character called Angie. Angie is a single mum, a successful business owner, healthy and intelligent and dedicated to her family. Angie looks for a little comfort to cope with the everyday challenges of her life in the form of several glasses of wine at the end of the day. We observe how this reward becomes a consistent theme which eventually takes some control over the Angie’s life, luring her away from her friends, her teenage son and most importantly, herself. We’re very proud of this video and we hope it brings some inspiration for people in a similar situation to Angie’s. It is also hoped it will guide people to the Daybreak app, which Hello Sunday Morning has developed to help people change their relationship with alcohol.

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Hello Sunday Morning

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