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VIDEO Production Agency

Lifebuoy Video is a production agency that develops and designs video, photography, audio, digital media and animated productions for health, community and human service companies and organisations.

Our team doesn’t just include production professionals and we don’t just film and edit online videos, we place huge importance on the process and planning of your production and we encourage a strong collaboration throughout. We also engage health, government and community specialists to help bring clarity and connection to the audience you are needing to reach.

These specialists may include cross cultural communicators, market researchers, mental health therapists, brand & content advisors, medical writers, clinical communication experts and health promotion professionals.

We do this by first acquiring a clear understanding of your project and your goals. You know and understand your audience better than us.

It is our job to bring your aspirations to life by fully understanding who it is you want to reach and what creative concept will work best to capture their attention.

The script writing, filming, audio recording or construction of animation to follow will only be successful if we are all on the same page and a comprehensive, and flexible, plan of action is drafted in the early stages.

Making the process easy and enjoyable is pretty important too!

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Based in Victoria, we have provided successful outcomes for clients Australia-wide for more than 15 years.​
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